Windshield Rhythm

by The Wonderfool

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released December 31, 2015


tags: folk Denver


all rights reserved


The Wonderfool Denver, Colorado

The Wonderfool is the solo music of singer-songwriter / producer Matt Vinson.

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Track Name: Talk A Lot / Your Light
Talk a lot repeat and fade away
Sit beneath a thought to feel astray
I smelled inside the stream of compare
Where did I begin, and son from where?

Faces blank will try to hide his blame
Television says the law will reign
Darkness will call, see not the way to fall
Find those like I, peacetime can magnify

Your life should be a little longer
your light should be alright
come up, come up thru the bottom
your light should be alright
Track Name: Strung Up High
We were strung up high thinking of each word we said
It was clear It would not help us

Its so bright that I cannot see straight
Light I see the light you emanate
I hope this light stays the same

We were strung up high looking for answers
It was clear it would not help us

x chorus x

Don't take me to a place where I cannot breathe
It's not a forest without continuity
Don't take me to a place where I cannot breathe
upward growth collective negativity

I love your smile
Track Name: Get Yourself Up
For the first time now
I see myself the way you do
Why then cant i replace?
Where is that smile on your face

Get yourself up
Break it up
Get yourself up
Before you lose too much

So concerning how you dispose me
Have you heard

Have you heard your mind give yourself a compliment one time
Have you seen the way I look at you each day
Track Name: Faces / Not The Way
Faces in the sky I see clarity
signs in the wall they fade to green
I think about all that I've done
done as much as a newborn son

now is the time to be undone
change priority one

passerby don't classify
don't use hate to testify
I slept through all that is real
to reshape a way to feel

now is the time to make a change
reshape the future pain

it's not the way that you act when I need it
it's my mind, how I feel to believe it
Track Name: When I First Lost My Head
Heard a tree far away
It's a wonderful day
smile embrace
hoping for a happy human race

I think about where I went
when I first lost my head
quality content
but somehow the time I spent felt good
Track Name: Regrown
Pass the stopping line
Two days i can't divide
Who will be my son
Whose brother a thought undone

Alive but just by night
I can smell new time
Who will be me next
What life will walk my steps

Decompose return to be regrown
We are woven into the past we've sewn
Track Name: Salt
salt drips down my face, how long can I wait
for me to come back a simple daunting task that makes me hurt

alone without you is hard to smile, separated time we have compiled
well AJ my dear I ain't got much to fear cause I know
Inside each other we grow

Breathe and shape what is real, love with you the only thing I feel
I'm lost in a space images of your modest grace
our time the futures pace
Track Name: Stay At Home
A lone but kept awake by the fire
Come to find what I desire
Warmth has kept me bound to bed
Constant snowfall from your head

It's the wrong time of year to go
Christmas I'll stay at home
Let the world outside be always there
Inside our love we share

Red inside soon unwinding
Grip of time release your binding
Find escape when there's discover
Mind feels contrast when you are my lover
Track Name: Been So Long
It's been so long since we spoke
Lines made excuses we would choke
And an endless wrong becomes everlong
Soon we will fall asleep

Emptied my gas and drove my steps
No car can take me where my head
Can lead me to
The lies that make you leave

So don't think that I can try to magnify
I just wanna see the lies that you feed

The lies we all eat

Been so long since we spoke
Lines made excuses I would choke
And an endless wrong becomes everlong
Soon we will fall asleep